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Black Hills - AZT #14, AZ
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Distance One Way 27.6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,079 feet
Elevation Gain -1,289 feet
Accumulated Gain 4,702 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 43.27
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Black Hills - Camp Grant Wash to Freeman Road
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From the Tiger Mine Trailhead the trail proceeds in a twisting NNW direction for approximately 5.5 miles until reaching a 3-way pipeline road intersection. Over this section you will descend into and cross several distinct washes, all of which are about a mile apart; eventually reaching the largest wash, which is Tucson Wash. After climbing out of Tucson Wash the trail will gently curve around to a true north direction as you traverse several ridges, one gate, a dirt road, and soon arrive at the pipeline intersection. At this junction, there will be a large white steel gate on the east side signifying private land owned by El Paso Gas. The newly constructed trail now continues in a twisting northerly direction for approximately 10.5 miles to the confluence of Camp Grant and Bloodsucker Washes. Over this distance you will traverse many water drainages, unique rock formations, and 360? scenic views as you climb up and over the ridge line of the Black Hills. Antelope Peak will consistently be the prominent landmark as the trail meanders northward, as will the Superstitions and Pinal Mountains. To the east lies the entire Galiuro Mtn. Range and the San Pedro River with Mt Graham (10,720') in the background. Looking to the south will be both the Rincon and Santa Catalina Mountains, with Mt Lemmon at 9,160'. When viewing to the east you will get a good idea of the how expansive the Sonoran Desert is as it transitions from low to high desert.

Traversing this 10.5 mile section, you will pass through 3 cowboy style gates, cross 5 ranch dirt roads, and possibly observe many nearby old cattle tanks, broken wind mills, and abandoned wells. Near the middle of this stretch and within view from long distances is a large active water tank, named Mountainview Tank. Water is pumped up to this 40K gallon tank from lower wells, which then gravity feeds numerous smaller tanks across many miles of the cattle ranch. Once past the tank area and for the next 2 miles, the trail crosses one more ranch road and winds around numerous drainages and smaller ridge lines. There is ample signage, both cairns and carsonites, to assist in traversing this decomposed granite terrain as the trail gently turns to the west and climbs to a high ridge line. Most likely, you will have cattle for company; they too like the elevation and cooler breezes this ridge provides. This is the final ridge before dropping down to the confluence of Camp Grant and Bloodsucker Washes. At this point the trail drops directly into the ever changing wash, crosses to a 'tree like island' and then traverses the rest of the confluence, with numerous carsonite signage, until reaching a two track ranch road.

Continue on the road as it bends around to the west; there will be several gates to pass through before the trail eventually leaves the road and drops down to Beehive Well and Tank, on the edge of Putnam Wash. The trail now heads northwest in Putnam Wash for a short distance, exiting to the northeast, crosses several ridges, then descends into Dobson Wash and nearby Antelope Tank. After another gate and road crossing, it continues northwest as it circles around on the east and north side of Antelope Peak, then descends to a two-track. It now catches another two-track and heads north for approximately 1 mile, crosses Freeman Road and turns west, goes through one more gate, and then reaches Freeman Road TH.

Southern Trailhead: Tiger Mine Trailhead - Tiger Mine Road

Northern Trailhead: Freeman Road

Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.


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