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Coyote Gulch via Hurricane Wash, UT
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 Southwest, UT
HAZ reminds you to respect the ruins. Please read the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 & Ruins Etiquette
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Difficulty 3 of 5
Route Finding ?
Distance Round Trip 13 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,570 feet
Elevation Gain -860 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 6.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 17.3
Interest Ruins, Perennial Waterfall & Perennial Creek
Author caddymob
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Photos 92
Trips 3 map ( 18 miles )
Age 34
Location Phoenix, AZ
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Escalante River
Historical Weather
Trailhead Forecast
Backpack   Yes & Possibly Connect
Preferred   Oct, Nov, Apr, May → 7 AM
Seasons   Late Autumn to Late Spring
Sun  5:06am - 7:49pm
Dogs not allowed
Alternative Routes
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A classic redrock hike
by caddymob

Coyote Gulch is one of my favorite hikes/backpacks ever. So much beauty contained in this canyon its hard to soak it all in, and I've been down there several times. The sheer walls adorned with some of the best desert varnish anywhere along with with deep undercut amphitheaters, waterfalls, and fantastic cottonwoods make this a spot to die for.

There are a couple ways in, but I think the Hurricane Wash route is probably the best in terms of time and easy of entry. It is a little mind numbing for the first few miles as you are up on a rather flat plateau walking through a wash and plenty of cow patties. It can be hot up there as you are exposed with little shade. There is plenty of ankle busting, flour-like sand which is not fun if you are carrying a heavy pack. Trekking poles help maintain your speed and balance through this stuff. I can't imagine doing it when its > 90... But soon enough, you begin to descend into wonderland. Hurricane wash itself it pretty interesting, many neat formations and interesting sights along the way....

But as soon as it converges with Coyote Creek, a marvel of geology, erosion, time, and space overwhelm the senses.

Once in the canyon, if planning to camp -- there are basically great campsites at every bend. I like to camp at or near Jacob Hamblin Arch -- this is 7.2 miles in from the trail head and makes for a nice day hike the 2nd day down to the Escalante River. This sinuous canyon meanders deeper and deeper into the sandstone until it meets the Escalante River downstream. If you make it to the confluence, be sure to wade just a little way upstream in the Escalante to check out Steven's Arch.

Explore this canyon, and remember to look behind you often -- each bend has its own surprises -- from massive undercut banks that result in mind bending amphitheaters, to waterfalls and cascades, to arches, cottonwoods, and more. This is not a hike that should be done in a day -- it has to be enjoyed, allowed to soak into your bones. Night in the canyon is particularly peaceful.

There are a few latrines in the canyon, which is a great thing (not to mention they have the BEST view you will EVER have whilst doing your business)... Otherwise the park service asks you to pack out your poop. Seriously... This is a popular destination and thousands of catholes can have rather deleterious effects on these fragile environs. And note -- NO DOGS ALLOWED. Every time I've been in I have seen a park ranger who checks my permit and asks if I've seen any dogs.

Hole in the Rock Road is bumpy, washboardy, and long. Its a ton of fun in a truck that can drive at baja speeds, but would be a killer in a car. Its possible, and I see cars out there, but plan on at least an hour drive from Escalante...
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    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

    To hike
    From Escalante, drive ~5miles south east on UT-12 to Hole in the Rock Road. Follow this ~33 miles to parking area at 37 23'6.82"N, 111 7'56.53"W Park here, start walking!
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