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 Water Canyon - Lincoln NF, NM
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 Southeast, NM
Difficulty 2.5    Route Finding
Distance One Way 2.7 miles
Trailhead Elevation 9,460 feet
Elevation Gain -860 feet
Accumulated Gain 240 feet
Avg Time One Way 3 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 3.5
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Seasonal Creek
Author imike
Descriptions 253
Routes 0
Photos 4,444
Trips 1,669 map ( 14,459 miles )
Age 65
Location Cloudcroft, NM
Rated Viewed All Mine Friends
32  2012-06-24
Deadman FR64
Trailhead Forecast
Historical Weather
Forest Lincoln
Backpack - Yes & Connecting
Seasons - Early Spring to Late Autumn
Alternative Routes
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direct air miles away to trailhead
0.0  Old Logging Road 64OB
0.3  Forest Road 64
0.4  Old Sunspot Hiway #5009
0.4  Deadman FR64
0.4  Bluff Springs
0.7  Broken Leaf Loop
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It's Wet!!
by imike

While most folks think of Water Canyon as the drainage area off the south side of the Old Sunspot Hiway Road, there is an entirely different perspective to be experienced. All you have to do is walk down off that roadway and traipse along the bottom of the drainage.

Before there was an Old Sunspot Hiway, slicing around the side of the ridges above the canyon bottom, there was an old logging road dredged along the bottom of the canyon, winding side to side, crisscrossing the stream. It is along this old route where the nicer trek is to be found.

It is odd that even though the newer road is just a short distance away, once you are down along the stream, you do not notice that intrusion. The effective portion of this canyon route starts at the lower end at the intersection with the Willie White Trail; at Telephone Canyon. From there, you wind up and around to Brown Canyon. Past Brown Canyon the drainage narrows into a near gully-like cut, and eventually, the trail comes to a halt at a rocky talus slope coming in from your right. At this point, you follow the trail up through the rocks to the Old Sunspot Hiway Road... but just for a short distance. As you walk along the road you can look immediately to your left and note the intersection of the Brown Canyon loop heading back along the far side of Water Canyon... above the gully cut and around into the trees. To access, cross the stream at the barb wire fence posts...

Continuing up canyon: Moving back into the stream bottom, allowing the hiway to move off and away to your right, you will once again enjoy the lush meadow cut of the canyon bottom... soon to be intersecting Deadman canyon, coming around and in on your left. If you follow Deadman Canyon you can connect directly up with FR 64, or connect to the Brown Deadman Loop (6409)... or, just follow Water Canyon on up, eventually branching away from the power poles (they follow the entire length of this canyon) to your left. This fork will carry you up to an old logging road on your left... or just stay in the canyon bottom and emerge onto FR64 at the top of the drainage.

If you are starting from the upper trailhead, which is nicer, simply head over to the metal bar barrier on your right at the marked 640B barriers... and then drop into the drainage on your left, anytime over the next .2 mile as you walk along this old logging road.

From the bottom, simply start at the Willie White Trailhead on Old Sunspot Hiway (5009)

Great hiking and great mountain biking... with lots of connecting potentials.

This one's a keeper!


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    Preferred StartEarly Cell Phone SignalNo Sunrise5:58am Sunset6:20pm
    Road / VehicleFR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay
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    To hike
    From Cloudcroft, take state road 130 out of town 1.8 miles, to the Sunspot Hiway (6563) and follow it to milepost 13, turning left onto Forest Road 64. Follow this road just a short distance (.3 mile?) and look for the metal swing pole barriers on your left... marked 640B... park here... take off down the barricaded road on the far right. Drop into the drainage to the left of that old road within the next .2 mile.
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