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 Palo Verde Trail #512, AZ
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 Phoenix NE
Difficulty 2.5    Route Finding
Distance Round Trip 7.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,800 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 3 - 4 hours
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Devil's Hole / JoJoba / P
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Bartlett Lake to Cottonwo
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Devil's Hole loop between
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Forest Tonto
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0.8  Jojoba Trail #511
2.3  SB Mountain / Cabin via Bartlett Lake
3.0  Brushy Mountain 3533 - Tonto NF
4.1  Indian Spring Wash - Bartlett Dam
4.8  Little Granite Mountain 4214 - Tonto NF
5.6  Needle Rock Recreation Area
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     Mule Deer
     Western Diamondback Rattlesnak
     Western Patch-nosed snake
     Blue Dicks
     Coulter's Lupine
     Cream Cups
     Desert Chicory
     Desert Globemallow
     Desert Lavender
     Desert Rock Nettle
     Desert Wishbone Bush
     Fairy Duster
     Mexican Gold Poppy
     Mustard Evening Primrose
     Narrow-Leaved Popcorn Flower
     Owl Clover
   Paleface Delphinium
     Pencil Cholla
     Sacred Datura
     Star Solomon's-seal
     Triangle Bursage
     Whispering Bells
     Wild Buckwheat
     Wild Heliotrope
   Woolly Daisy
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February 10th - April 20th
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The south end of the trail begins near the northern edge of the Rattlesnake Cove Recreation Site. The trail roughly parallels the shoreline of Bartlett Reservoir, providing access to the shore, crossing washes and small ridges, and running along hillslopes. From Rattlesnake Cove Trailhead to SB Cove is 3.8 mi. A 1.2 mi. loop-trail intersects the main trail at two locations: about 0.5 mi. south of SB Cove and again at 0.8 mi. south of SB Cove. The loop-trail provides access to other areas near the edge of the reservoir.

- Palo Verde Trail offers access to many coves and stretches of shoreline, providing opportunities for swimming and angling. The trail winds through rocky outcrops and crosses several ridges and hill slopes offering scenic views of Bartlett Reservoir. *This trail passes through the Arizona Upland Phase of the Sonoran Desert, featuring saguaro cactus, mesquite, palo verde and ironwood trees.
- Bartlett Reservoir has been popular with anglers almost since the dam was constructed in 1939. Fish species include crappie, large-and smallmouth bass, channel and flathead catfish, carp, bluegill and green sunfish. - Along with many partners, the USDA Forest Service is improving fish habitat by installing a variety of structures in strategic locations.

- Closed to motor vehicles
- Carry an adequate supply of drinking water. One gallon/per person/per day is recommended during hot periods.
- Portions of the trail are rough in places, and should be traveled with caution. Decomposed granite trail surface can be slippery.
- Water levels fluctuate seasonally based on precipitation and irrigation demand
- Do not drink untreated water. Giardia, a protozoan, is in many water impoundments and streams.

Cave Creek Ranger Station
40202 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262
Phone (480) 595-3300 Fax (480) 595-3342

TRAILHEADS (TH) Rattlesnake Cove TH SB Cove TH

South end: (1840 feet elevation): at Rattlesnake Cove
North end: (1820 feet elevation): at SB Cove

Trail use: Light
Trail difficulty: Easiest
Trail length: 3.8 - 4.7 miles
Season of Use: All year
USGS maps: Bartlett Dam, Maverick Mountain Elevation: 100 feet


Directions Preferred Months Feb Mar Apr Oct
Water / Source:Bartlett Lake, but I
Preferred Start10 AM Sunrise6:18am Sunset6:45pm
Road / VehiclePaved - Car Okay
Fees / Permit
Special Use

Tonto Pass is Required

Tonto Pass is a forest wide permit for recreational sites and campgrounds. Typically not for trailheads.

To hike
Take Scottsdale Road north passing the Boulders. Scottsdale Road turns into Tom Darlington. Continue through Carefree and turn right onto Cave Creek Road. Follow Cave Creek Road to the turnoff on Bartlett Dam Road. Follow the signs to the lake. Pay the parking fee and continue on to Rattlesnake Cove.

HAZ Member al1inaz updates: Take the 101 to the Pima Road Exit and head north on Pima Road. At 11.8 miles you intersect Cave Creek Road. Turn right. At approximately 4 miles you will come to the Bartlett Lake turnoff. Turn right. Follow the signs to the lake. Pay the parking fee and head north to Rattlesnake Cove. The trailhead is at the north end of the cove.
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