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West Rim Glen Canyon, AZ
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 Jacob Lake North
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Difficulty 1.5 of 5
Route Finding 1 of 5
Distance Round Trip 3 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,300 feet
Elevation Gain 300 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 2.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 4.5
Author fricknaley
Descriptions 93
Routes 218
Photos 2,757
Trips 1,901 map ( 12,715 miles )
Age 40
Location Tucson, AZ
Co-Author PaleoRob
Descriptions 133
Routes 102
Photos 5,244
Trips 918 map (2,017 Miles)
Age 35
Location Grand Junction, CO
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10  2006-07-21 fricknaley
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Trailhead Forecast
Backpack   No
Preferred   Apr, May, Sep, Oct → 8 AM
Seasons   Spring to Autumn
Sun  5:08am - 7:49pm
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Like a Mountain Goat
by fricknaley & PaleoRob

There is no trail here on the western bank of Glen Canyon at Wahweap Bay and the distance and elevation gains are educated guesses. And who cares, because this is a free-for-all scramble along the cliffs overlooking Lake Powell down to a secluded little peninsula beach. What a treat!

Scramble down the escarpment from the parking area and immediately start playing among the formations and waterfolds. Within minutes you will be standing at the ledge of the cliffs overlooking Lake Powell. The Glen Canyon Dam is to your right. There are amazing sandstone formations off in the distance, and a large part of Lake Powell and Wahweap Bay are to your left. Head out that way, playing along the crazy ledges and enjoying the formations as you go. You will see an isolated little peninsula jutting out into the water about 1 to 1.5 miles down. I just scrambled along aiming for this. A little over half way, the going becomes too steep to travel along briefly and I scrambled up the ridge to the road...WOW sandstone gets hot. After a very brief jaunt along the road it was right back down a small gulley and into the formations again.

Now you can see that you are close to the peninsula as you drop down and further away from the road. There are incredible colors and an amazing flow to the rocks here. Scramble your own route down to the little peninsula, which goes all the way down to the water. An isloated little oasis here, what an incredible place to play in the water and get refreshed. It was totally isolated here, and I saw nobody, except for boateres of course. This was just outstanding and it felt great to cool off on such a hot day.

When you are ready, head up back towards the road, climbing up the ridge. I crossed immediately over the road and climbed up the ridge on the other side. The plan is to hike the ridgeline of buttes and formations back to the car. The sandstone here allows you to climb and walk up at impossible angles because it is so sticky. This must be what a mountain goat or bighorn sheep feels like as they walk up seemingly vertical angles. Good stuff. There are any number of ledges, tables, folds and everything else up along this ridge. Pick your own way. Soon you will see your parking spot. Pick a spot, climb down and walk the short distance back to your car.

Plan on getting wet on this one, if you want. Considering the exposure along the way, it's the highlight of the walk.

I'm giving PageRob co-authorship of this hike because it was his suggestion to go exploring here...Thanks Rob.
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    Permit $$

    Glen Canyon Recreation Area National Park
    Glen Canyon Entrance Fee - 1-7 Day Vehicle Pass - $25

    Boat fees additional, follow provided NPS link above.

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Take Highway 89 from Page north over the Dam. Just past the "beehive" formation is a sign for Wahweap Bay South Entrance on Lakeshore Drive. Turn right here. There is a parking spot just passed the gate on the right. Park here and scramble down.
    90+° 8am - 6pm kills
    stay out of the scorching sun
    prehydrate & stay hydrated
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