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Location:  Phoenix, AZ

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Type Time Distance AEG Journal mph
2013-06-30 Avocado Canyon AZ Canyoneering 6h30m5.5 mi800 ft
2013-05-28 Havasu Canyon Trail AZ Backpack 3d20h48 mi6,000 ft13
2013-05-18 Seven Falls AZ Hiking 8.2 mi700 ft
2013-05-12 Salt Trail Canyon to LCR Gorge AZ Backpack 9 mi3,187 ft8
2013-05-04 Salome Jug AZ Canyoneering 3h45m3.5 mi500 ft0.93
2013-04-20 Rock Creek Canyon - Mazatzals AZ Canyoneering 8h30m6 mi2,500 ft6
2013-03-30 Newspaper Rock UT Hiking 0.02 mi1 ft1
2013-03-30 Canyonlands-NeedlesDistrict UT Backpack 7d74 mi7,000 ft40
2013-03-15 Boucher Trail AZ Backpack 5d43.2 mi2,290 ft17
2013-02-09 Minnow Canyon AZ Canyoneering 2.4 mi550 ft
2013-02-09 Geronimos Ravine (Lower) AZ Canyoneering 1.2 mi800 ft
2013-01-20 Willow Springs from First Water TH AZ Backpack 2d7h15m12.5 mi1,000 ft9
2012-12-22 Wave Cave AZ Hiking 4.2 mi1,020 ft
2012-11-25 Bull Basin Trail #270 AZ Backpack 2d11.5 mi3,800 ft
2012-11-17 Devil's Canyon Hike AZ Canyoneering 4.8 mi1,093 ft
Hikes 0 mph average 1 21 60 234.02 31,241
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