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2012-01-12 Javelina - Ridgeline - Beverly Loop AZ Hiking 2 mi560 ft
2012-01-11 Mormon Loop AZ Hiking 2 mi1,000 ft
2012-01-09 Javelina - Ridgeline - Beverly Loop AZ Hiking 2h30m7 mi2,000 ft
2012-01-08 Hidden Valley via Mormon Trail AZ Hiking 1h30m4.5 mi1,012 ft
2011-12-29 Superstition Peak 5057 Loop via Hiero AZ Hiking 8 mi3,800 ft
2011-12-24 La Barge Lower - Box Loop AZ Backpack 2d9 mi2,000 ft
2011-12-17 Battleship Mountain - Superstitions AZ Hiking 11.4 mi2,956 ft
2011-12-03 Bear Mountain Trail #54 AZ Backpack 2d5 mi2,100 ft4
2011-11-27 Coon Creek - Lower Canyon Trail AZ Backpack 2d4.05 mi424 ft5
2011-11-20 Pinto Creek Canyon AZ Canyoneering 1.5 mi75 ft5
2011-07-25 Blue Canyon AZ Hiking 4
2011-07-01 Flagstaff Climbing AZ Climbing 3d13
2011-05-29 West Clear Creek Trail #17 AZ Hiking 6h14 mi2,822 ft
2011-05-21 Little Saddle Mountain Trail #244 AZ Hiking 2 mi1,900 ft
2011-05-14 Salome Jug AZ Canyoneering 4.5 mi500 ft
Hikes 2.71 mph average 9 60 74.95 21,149
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Matt Weigel Aug 30, 2014 at 9:32 PM

Just what I needed. As of this past year, I have been very mobile and mostly remote, thus drifting more and more from the PC world to an Android universe. While I miss a lot of the mega-functionality that a Windows machine offers, I do not miss it's weight. This app has brought great freedom to the little time that I get to spend doing what I really love...



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