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2014-11-01 Reavis Falls 11/1-11/2 backpack AZ Backpack 2d13.8 mi3,169 ft30
2014-10-24 Workman Weekend AZ Hiking 2.5 mi250 ft39
2014-10-23 Pinaleno Fall Tour - the Encore AZ Hiking 2 mi100 ft28
2014-10-21 Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act III AZ Hiking 4 mi250 ft51
2014-10-19 Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act II AZ Hiking 5 mi500 ft45
2014-10-17 Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act I AZ Hiking 4 mi500 ft28
2014-10-03 Roosevelt Lake AZ Fishing 3d15
2014-09-28 Birding/Photography Trips II AZ Hiking 10 mi100 ft35
2014-08-23 Sundance Canyon AZ Canyoneering 1.5 mi850 ft30
2014-07-28 Knoll Lake AZ Hiking 1 mi200 ft35
2014-07-26 Woods Canyon Lake Trail - Mogollon Rim AZ Hiking 4.4 mi350 ft30
2014-07-25 Bear Canyon Lake Trail #112 AZ Hiking 3.5 mi250 ft38
2014-07-24 Rim Camping II AZ Car Camping 4d1
2014-07-12 Avocado Canyon AZ Canyoneering 5.5 mi800 ft33
2014-07-11 Rim Camping AZ Car Camping 3d17
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