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Type Time Distance AEG Journal mph
2007-08-11 Mazatzal Divide: Peeley to Y-Bar AZ Backpack 3d10.2 mi1,550 ft5
2007-07-15 Fred Haught Houston Bros Loop AZ Hiking 6h19 mi
2007-07-09 Rim Lakes Kayak tour AZ Kayak 3d15 mi
2007-07-01 Reynolds Creek Trail #150 AZ Backpack 2d6.5 mi1,375 ft
2007-06-18 Aztec Peak via Abbey's Way 151 Loop AZ Backpack 2d7.14 mi1,554 ft
2007-06-10 Barbershop Trail #91 AZ Backpack 2d0.5 mi200 ft
2007-06-09 Cornucopia-Thicket Spring Loop AZ Hiking 6.5 mi900 ft
2007-06-06 Fossil Springs Trail #18 AZ Backpack 2d8 mi1,391 ft
2007-05-26 Grandview/Tonto loop AZ Backpack 2d15 mi
2007-05-21 Maxwell Trail #37 AZ Backpack 1h30m1.5 mi700 ft
2007-05-19 Maxwell Trail #37 AZ Hiking 0.7 mi700 ft
2007-04-28 Mazatzal Peak Summit AZ Hiking 10h10m13.5 mi3,718 ft
2007-04-22 Highline Trail #31 AZ Backpack 13h34 mi1,260 ft
2007-04-08 Blue Ridge Reservoir Kayak AZ Kayak 2d3 mi
2007-04-01 Rogers Canyon Ruins AZ Backpack 2d8.8 mi1,118 ft
Hikes 2.25 mph average 1 6 40 149.34 14,466
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0.082 equivalent trips around the world 10.5 sea level to Everest ascents

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Ken Jalen Jun 6, 2014 at 10:06 PM

Great hiking app App makes a gps enabled phone into a working gps unit. You can load tracks into the app and follow them. Highly recommend.



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