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07-05-2014 3 4 Humphreys Summit Trail #151 AZ
05-11-2011 9 1 Tonto Trail: South Kaibab to Bright Angel AZ
02-05-2011 5 Carney Springs-Dacite Mesa-Peralta Loop AZ
02-16-2010 3 Flatiron AZ
04-06-2008 2 Superstition View AZ

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Bruce Coan Feb 20, 2014 at 11:42 AM

Finally a Great Hiking App This is a must have for the avid or even beginning hiker. Easy to set up and use. The Topo maps and the ability to download a track prior to hiking, will ensure I get out of the Wilderness OK. If I set my phone to Airplane Mode, (GPS On) I've gone 13 hours with battery to spare. Recent upgrades have made this very user friendly for both the occasional Hiker/Walker to the All Day Hikers. Lots of Stats available to keep track of what you are doing.



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