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September 2012 Finding the Grape Vine Road turn off is 'easy' (heading west from I-17) if you follow mile markers....if you pass mile marker 274 you missed the turn by 200 feet... south side of 69. Look for the 'Do Not Enter' sign on the south side of the road. G...
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Havasu Canyon Trail - Sep 15 2014
I was watching the helicopter make multi-drops of people and supplies when, at one point, a stray horse wandered into the landing field (the gate was open). The guys unloading the supplies chased it around the field until it went back out the gate. Then as it was running up the main drag, another resident must have thought it got loose so he shooed it back into another open gate and back into the field. So now these guys are chasing it around the field again but this time they start pelting it with rocks. The horse was panicking and didn't know where to go. Rocks were being hurled at it from all directions. He ended up falling down after a really hard rock hit and it looked like he broke...
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