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Chances of getting a permit...
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Re: Chances of getting a permit...

Postby Al_HikesAZ » Feb 05 2012 9:41 am

Chazz_Reinhold wrote:Do you know if it is possible to hang a hammock at Upper Tapeats or are there not enough trees? I really can't tell from many of the pictures.
There are enough trees. You should be able to sling a hammock.
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Re: Chances of getting a permit...

Postby Jozgrdn » Feb 04 2014 6:54 pm

Unless you're experienced on GC trails, I'd stay the heck out there in summer. I did it several times in my 20s and fried my brain. To do this day, I have very low heat tolerance as a result, I believe of experiencing heat exhaustion even though I was fit and carrying more than enough water. I actually think you can't drink enough and therein lines the problem. Unless you're willing to lug a 50lb+ pack in 100 degree heat...and then there's the monsoons...they dump and the seep pools evap before you can even get a straw down to them. So much more enjoyable late fall early Spring. There's usually walk in perms available in spring and fall, at least when I have stopped into the BCO early am to weigh my pack before heading out, and watched the crowd thin, permits in hand. The smaller the group size, the easier it is to get a permit...two seems to be the perfect number.
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Re: Chances of getting a permit...

Postby azbackpackr » Feb 26 2014 7:45 am

Regarding Grand Canyon National Park private river running permits, which are quite a bit different and harder to obtain than backpacking permits: I have an application in. The open lottery for 2015, with 503 permits offered, closed yesterday at noon. I expect I will learn today or tomorrow whether or not I have won. I have put in about 4 times, won once.

The good thing is that once you pay the $25 to be in the lottery there will be other chances. The Park regularly holds supplemental lotteries (for unused dates or permits that were returned to the Park) so you do have more chances.

There will be more than 503 private launch dates offered for 2015, from what I understand. I think those also will be offered in supplemental lotteries. Don't quote me on that, though, I may be mistaken.

And for those of you stuck in the past, this lottery system has been going on for the past 8 years. The old waiting list system, where people would have to wait 20 years, was revamped. Those people who were still on that waiting list now get much better odds in current lotteries. You are allowed to go down the river once a year, and I know many people who do. It's only limited by how much time and money you have to spend on it, and how well you can network with the boating community. But if you have a raft and can row it, you can pretty much figure you'll be able to get in on a trip every year. People will be more interested in you as a member of their group if you can row the whole river, your raft is at least 16 feet long and is self-bailing.

If you don't mind the cold and the dark, it's relatively easy to get a launch date in winter.

Information about the lottery can be found on the Park's website.
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