Water from Roosevelt lake to the Mexico border

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Water from Roosevelt lake to the Mexico border

Postby Spiced Rum » Nov 05 2015 9:29 am

Here is a list of water sources from Roosevelt lake to the Mexico border and the mile they are located at going north to south.
Thompson Spring / good water 10-Oct-15 455.3
Cooter Brown Spring and Tank /good water and full 10-Oct-15 457.4
Cottonwood Spring/ good water 10-Oct-15 459
Stock tank with water / full 10-Oct-15 462.1
Windmill and water tank/ full 11-Oct-15 490.2
Cache box at Kelvin trailhead 15-Oct-15 537.2
Water tank full 16-Oct-15 546.5
Tank just down road to south is full 16-Oct-15 550
Tank full 17-Oct-15 571.9
Mountain view tank is full 18-Oct-15 579.1
Water tank (water is pretty green) 18-Oct-15 581.4
Water tank (nasty water) 18-Oct-15 588
Cache box at Tiger Mine Trailhead 18-Oct-15 591.1
The Lake (full of good water) 23-Oct-15 642.1
Tanque Verde (good water) 24-Oct-15 651.3
Italian Springs (good water) 24-Oct-15 655.2
Twin Lakes (Full of water) 26-Oct-15 698.1
Metal cattle trough (good water) 27-Oct-15 712.2
Huge unmarked tank (good water) 27-Oct-15 715.2
Stock pond (good water) 27-Oct-15 718.1
Cave Creek (Flowing) 28-Oct-15 725.2
Nice Flowing creek 28-Oct-15 726.7
Nice Flowing creek 28-Oct-15 726.8
Tunnel Springs Trail Head (good Water) 28-Oct-15 728
Creek below Bear Springs (good Water) 28-Oct-15 731.3
Nice Flowing creek (good Water) 30-Oct-15 755.8
Down Under Tank 30-Oct-15 760.5
Pauline Stock tank 31-Oct-15 769.4
Parker Canyon (good Water) 31-Oct-15 776
Cement Water trough (good Water) 31-Oct-15 784.2
Bathtub spring (good Water) 1-Nov-15 791.9
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Re: Water from Roosevelt lake to the Mexico border

Postby Tough_Boots » Nov 05 2015 9:55 am

You could add spring reports through the Mapdex. That's how most people on HAZ access current water data.
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Re: Water from Roosevelt lake to the Mexico border

Postby asand06 » Dec 06 2015 7:17 pm

Hiked northbound from mile 0 to 110 last week and all water source data from Twin Lakes to Bathtub Spring was 100% accurate as of 12/4.

Appreciate you making this list all the names coincided with what was listed on the AZT mobile app.

Chilly nights but great hiking weather.

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