NPR Piece on AZT

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NPR Piece on AZT

Postby Sredfield » Nov 11 2015 3:03 pm ... rail

I thought this was very well done. Loved the "detoxing" comment, and the " if I didn’t finish this trip, I’d be dragging it behind me forever."
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Re: NPR Piece on AZT

Postby DallinW » Nov 11 2015 6:32 pm

And now her life will be forever ruined as she tries to figure out how to get back on another long distance trail. :)

"if I didn’t finish this trip, I’d be dragging it behind me forever."

Oh boy, can I relate to that. I think about my trip last summer on CT every. single. day. Sometimes I have a hard time letting myself look back on the experience in a positive light because I "didn't do the whole thing."

That said, this also helps put things into perspective. She didn't do the whole thing and had a very transformative experience. At what arbitrary mileage marker are you considered "changed"?

Thankfully I will have the opportunity to correct the mistake next summer. :)

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