Evening with Bobcats

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Evening with Bobcats

Postby RedRoxx44 » Dec 01 2015 5:48 pm

The backyard of my Mom's house is on a wash. After dinner this evening we were in her living room with it's big sliding glass doors. She has some low water dishes out for the animals. As we were sitting there she spotted a bobcat on the block wall. I spotted one drinking out of one of her dishes. Apparently a male female situation, with the lady acting coy and hissing when the Mr came close. The male was impressive, he was large and maybe old?? He looked like a small version of a snow leopard minus the tail, lots of white, lopsided ear and one eye appeared odd at one corner. He came down off the wall and they stayed in the backyard about 10 min, he would carefully approach, she would hiss, then walk around each other cautiously. They sat for a while looking around then some at each other. I couldn't help it, cracked the door and called "here kitty!".
They were very involved with each other, eventually she went over the wall and he quickly followed. I didn't even have my cell phone for the picture.
A special and neat evening to share with my Mom.

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Re: Evening with Bobcats

Postby chumley » Dec 01 2015 5:55 pm

Look Joe! Bobcats! :lol:
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Re: Evening with Bobcats

Postby big_load » Dec 01 2015 6:28 pm

Cool! I so rarely see bobcats, and usually it's a fleeting glimpse.

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Re: Evening with Bobcats

Postby rcorfman » Dec 01 2015 7:44 pm

I've been hearing of a lot of bobcat sightings. A bit ago when I was heading out on a hike from my house a lady said she just saw a couple of bobcats. Then a week or so ago, I saw a bobcat walking down the street. My HOA recently sent out an email about bobcats being seen in the neighborhood. I'm still waiting for the bunny population to go down. I live in Stetson Hills, just below Deem Hills.

I also know a couple that have had bobcats hanging out in their backyard like RedRox44 describes. I believe they even had a mother and cub in their backyard for a couple weeks. They've posted videos of the bobcats. It's pretty neat.
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Re: Evening with Bobcats

Postby JasonCleghorn » Dec 02 2015 9:13 am

We heard one yowling in our backyard last weekend. By the time we went to take a picture it ran away.

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