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 GF Dome 3269 East Creek, Arizona - Maricopa County Creek 
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Topo MapStewart Mountain
Nearby Creeks
0.9mi GF Peak 3134 South Creek
1.2mi Bulldog Canyon Wash
4.7mi Weekes Wash at Crosscut #58 TH
5.6mi Bulldog Wash
6.2mi First Water Creek
6.3mi First Water Creek at Second Water T
6.4mi Willow Creek
6.5mi Cottonwood Creek
6.9mi First Water Creek - Upper Turnoff
7.3mi La Barge Creek
Other Nearby Places
0.2mi Dome Mountain
2.0mi Orohai Mountains
2.2mi Goldfield Mountains
2.5mi Cottonwood Spring
2.8mi Blue Ridge
2.9mi Saddle Rock
3.0mi Tomahawk Mine
3.2mi Bulldog Mine
3.2mi Pass Mountain
3.5mi One Mountain
Runs from the East side of Dome Mountain #3269 in the Goldfield Range from coordinates 33.50003 -111.54344 to 33.48677 -111.539255 where it empties into Boulder Canyon Creek.

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