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Mar 12 2010
Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300
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Mar 12 2010
Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300
FamilyHeteromyidae - Burrowing mice/rats
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Chaetodipus penicillatus

Common Names: also known as Sonoran Desert Pocket Mouse
Comments: a North American species of heteromyid rodent found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. True to its common name, the desert pocket mouse prefers sandy, sparsely vegetated desert. Its primary diet is seeds, making it a granivore. Like other pocket mice, the desert pocket mouse has fur-lined cheek pouches on the outside of its mouth, which it uses to gather the seeds it finds. It also stores seeds in the underground burrows where it lives. They have been known to eat mainly mesquite seeds and palo verde seeds. They have two large teeth on each jaw located in the front of the mouth called incisors. They will use these to break through hard soil digging for seeds. Desert pocket mice are nocturnal, and some of them hibernate in burrows during the winter. They are very small, about the size of a grown man's thumb.

The mouse's breeding season is in the spring; adult females can give birth to one or more litters of two to five young during the spring and summer.
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    Quartz Peak Trail - Sierr
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    Joshua Tree National Park
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    Joshua Tree National Park

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