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24 hour warm fuzzy trivia
The Gila and Apache are the only two trouts native to Arizona.
24 hour GC Trivia
Grand Canyon is up to 18 miles wide. The Colorado River that formed it has not changed much in width, erosion cut the sides.
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Creosote Bush
Common Name: greasewood ( waxy coating of the leaves retains moisture )
Habitat: abundant in desert areas
Flowers: yellow about 1" wide, 5 petals, fruit is a fuzzy, small, round ball about 1/4" in diameter
Description: shrub, perennial, evergreen. Average about 4' tall but can grow to 10' tall. numerous branched, woody stems growing from the ground. Leaves are 3/8", dark green, oblong, thick, shiny, waxy-feeling.

- ability to secure more water by inhibiting the growth of nearby plants
- in regions where it grows its smell is often associated with the "smell of rain"
- clones outward in a circular pattern
- up to 45 feet in diameter & 11,700 years
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