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Haunted Canyon #203
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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Feb 19 2010
Hiking4.00 Miles 1,766 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles   3 Hrs      1.33 mph
1,766 ft AEG
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I went to Haunted Canyon back in 2006 with my Fire Science class for a 3 day hike in and out of the northern trail head and absolutely loved it. The place is awesome and not too difficult of a hike. Recently my friends(new to backpacking) and i were getting back into it and i decided what better place for them to start out then Haunted Canyon!? After weeks of everybody getting their gear and figuring out the plans we came up with a date, which happened to fall on Superbowl weekend... That didn't work with everyone so we pushed it back one weekend, which was a birthday... That didn't work with everyone. So after weeks of pushing out the trip and loosing a person we set it for the weekend of the 20th.

We left home before sunrise on Friday morning and arrived at the upper trail head around 8:30, right as the sun was rising over the mountains. We had an amazing hike while taking our time to explore and check out some great views. The hike in took us 3 and a half hours, getting to camp around noon. Set up camp and hiked on down to Tony's Cabin and enjoyed the weather. We were lucky to have plenty of running fresh water right next to camp. One day 2 we woke up to a cold morning with low rain clouds. It started to rain around 10 am on Saturday and kept a constant rain until 3 or 4 pm. Thankfully it let up and we had some time to play around the area, cook our food and prepare / dry out some fire wood for the night. Had a great time around a great fire that night. It started to rain again around 9 pm so we all called it a night.... At least i tried ha. Apparently my tent did not like the rain... :scared: It rained all stormed all night and my tend dripped on us all night! I'd wake up every couple hours to wipe the water off the insides of the tent. We were all hoping to wake up Sunday morning with clear weather for the hike out but that was not the case.

When we woke Sunday, it was the same story as Saturday! We waited until the rain ceased up some then packed up our gear and prepared for a wet cold hike out. We hiked back out of the upper trail head to out trucks. The weather was nice for the initial climb out of the canyon. The rain and fog made it seem like we were not longer in Arizona, but somewhere out of Jurassic Park or something! Had some amazing views with running creeks and waterfalls. Once we got out of the canyon the hail and rain came. With 2 days of solid rain all the creeks had turned into running rivers with big waterfalls and some pretty wide creek crossings. Some of the hiking trails had also turned into streams running adjacent to the rivers so there was no way to avoid the water. Being soaking wet and cold we kept a fast pace and just hiked! Towards the ends of the hike we were drenched from head to toe. My Goretex boots were filled with water and my jacket sleeves were pouring out water. :) There was no need to "rock jump" the creeks and more, just walk right through them, cant get any more wet lol. Amazing we made it out of the Haunted Canyon upper trail head in 2 and a half hours to our nice warm trucks. After a change of clothes and a sit by the heaters we headed off to a Mexican food restaurant for some real food and a beer! The weather seemed to put a damper on our second day but after looking back on it the trip was quite a good adventure! I cant wait to go back there when the weather clear!

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