Charlebois from Peralta TH
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Charlebois from Peralta TH, AZ
2010-03-0525 by
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Phoenix, AZ
Hiking16.35 Miles   9 Hrs   15 Mns    1.77 mph
2,680 ft AEG   
1st Trip Logged
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This is a lasso loop from Peralta TH via Bluff Springs trail to LaBarge Creek to Charlebois Spring up to Terrapin Trail and needle canyon back to Bluff Springs trail. I could have posted this trip under Bluff Spring Mountain Loop but decided to use Charlebois from Peralta TH because I went up to the spring. I was actually in search of the "Master Map". I remember that back in the 80's I had spent 2 nights backpacking in this area and we had found it. This time I was alone and spent about 1 hour looking but came up empty. A little disappointed and frustrated I decided to end the search and have some lunch. After a 45 min rest I figured that I had better start heading back because I did not want to spend the night with just a day pack.

From Red Tanks Tr and Bluff Spring Tr along LaBarge Creek the trail is washed out and does not exist the creek is running pretty good and if you do not want to get wet you will have to bolder hop back and forth along the creek. There is a lot of debris and large logs blocking many parts and it is a challenge staying dry. I had planned on making this a total loop going over Weaver Cross Cut and back down Peralta Tr. I spent to much time and energy with the creek and looking for the Master Map that I cut it short and did the lasso loop. All in all it was a gorgeous day and with the winds we had the day before the air was clean and clear. The scenery was incredible with lots of water and greenery.

"You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals."
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