South Canyon Route, AZ
2010-03-2015 by
Northwest, AZ
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Wally was nice enough to take Bob and I on this hike. We didn't have camping permits so we made it a day hike :o . We stayed in Cameron Friday nght so we wouldn't have to drive so far Saturday to start hiking. We watched the sunrise on the drive in and saw a few Pronghorns. It sure didn't seem like a place to find a trailhead. It was a little cool in the morning but we warmed up within a hour or so. The first section is very steep and I'm glad I didn't have a heavier pack. There is a lot of up,down,over,around and plenty of cool rock formations.We saw quite a few small places to get water that probably won't be there in the warmer months. Wally got us to the river in about 3&1/2 hrs.There is some nice beach area there and a couple partial ruins. There were some kayaks and a couple rafts parked down there. We went over to get a closer look at Vasey's Paradise and it was pretty cool. It's a waterfall comming out of the side of the canyon. It's named after G.W. Vasey, a botonist friend of J.W.Powell. It's cool to think they were looking at this fall back in the late 1800's. After that we ate lunch and climbed up to Stanton's Cave. There is not much to see there because it's blocked off but the story behind it is interesting.A couple guys named Brown and Stanton led a group down the river to explore the idea of a railroad along the river. Brown and a couple others drown in Marble Canyon(also named by Powell). Stanton and some others had to hold up in this cave do to storms and landslides. The railroad never happen. The hike out was in the sun most of the way but the big climb at the end was in the shade, THANK GOODNESS!! It was tough! We did see Ahote and some of his friends comming down as we were going up. Nice to chat with them. We saw a few Pronghorns on the way out too. Wally stooped over by Lee's Ferry and bought us a burger. MmmmMmmm. What a guy. THANKS!!!! and thanks to both of you for making this another great adventure!! :D
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