Italian Spring Trail to Spud Rock
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Italian Spring Trail to Spud Rock, AZ
2010-04-1719 by
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Tucson, AZ
Hiking22.00 Miles   10 Hrs   30 Mns    2.10 mph
5,500 ft AEG   
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This was quite the trek. Had a feeling my CR-V wouldn't be able to make the last few miles to the TH, which was absolutely correct. So, the hike turned into a 20-miler. Easy going at first to the TH, then into the grassy rolling hills, nothing real steep until after the first major creek crossing. Up, up, up through the transition zone, into the burned area, and at last the final forest. Tanya was starting to feel tired through here, so we slowed down a bit but still made great progress. First patches of snow that we encountered were just before Italian Spring. After that, the grade eases through the pine forest and the maze of trails to Mica's uneventful summit. Ken and I saw that Spud Rock was only a few minutes away, so we left Tanya resting on Mica's summit and headed over. That view is ridiculous. It's definitely worth the side trip, and it was astounding looking down on how far we'd come up. I went back to Tanya as Ken went to Helen's Dome, and I put our beers on ice for when he came back - a rare treat in Arizona! We then refilled our water bottles with spring water (another rare treat in Arizona!) and started the long hike down. We were pretty gassed by the time we started hiking the road back, but 2 rattlers will certainly wake you up. Pretty tiring trek, but very rewarding.
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