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Taos Ski Valley Snowshoe, NM
2010-04-2020 by
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Taos Ski Valley Snowshoe, NM  
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This was my Snowshoe starting from the trailhead at the Taos Ski Valley resort. I did 6 miles roundtrip here making it to 11,600 feet elevation before losing the trail in the snow and running out of gas (energy) anyway. I went up the same trail that one would use to go to Wheeler Peak, the highest peak in New Mexico. At the 2 mile point you turn left for the Gold Hill trail which is what I did or right to go to Wheeler Peak or straight for Bull Pasture.

After traveling in deep snow for 1/2 mile the trail disappeared but there were ski tracks to follow. In a short while there were 3 ski tracks all going in different directions. Shortly after that I turned around and called it a day leaving the Gold Hill hike to be done under better hiking conditions (like in July or August). But it was a blast to be in the white stuff for a short while. I still like visiting snow but I wouldn't want to live there.

Alluding to July-August (maybe June and September as well), it would be nice to have a place for a week in the Taos Ski Valley anywhere past mile marker 10 on NM Route 150. The ski village and trailhead are at mile marker 15. Why........

In the book "100 Hikes in New Mexico by Craig Martin" - A Mountaineers Publisher book, he describes 5 choice hikes right nearby. They are

Lobo Peak - a true loop up Manzanita Canyon and down Italianos for 11 miles and 3,800 feet of elevation.
Williams Lake - an easy 6 mile day hike.
Gold Hill - 9 mile dayhike with 3,300 feet of elevation
Wheeler Peak - 14 miles with 3,700 feet of elevation
Columbine Canyon to Hondo Canyon - A 13.1 mile one-way car shuttle hike with 4,400 feet of elevation ending at the Taos Ski resort area. That assumes the hike is done from bottom up, the choice of all real hikers.

It just would be great to stay in the Taos Ski Valley area, roll out of bed in the morning and be at the TH in 10 minutes or less.

There are plenty of other top 100 hikes in the area as well. These would require some driving.
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