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Fred Haught Trail #141
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Fred Haught Trail #141, AZ
2010-06-157 by
Payson, AZ
Hiking7.50 Miles          
721 ft AEG   
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Hiked this yesterday as a day hike. FR300 is "rougher than a cob" but no problem otherwise. You could do it in a regular car if you don't mind shaking it to death. General Springs cabin to the Pinchot cabin was too far a day hike for the two old codgers in the group, so decided to try to find the Fred Haught cabin remains and left the FH at a little over 3 miles (there is a sign along the FH trail). Didn't have gpsjoe's track for the short spur to the cabin so we just went exploring. Found it. Put up some surveyor's tape on the way out so that it would be easier to find for the future. Then proceeded back down the FH to the trailhead - 7.5 miles total (RT). Trail is in good shape and there is water in the creek. Have hiked this trail once each year for the last 3 or 4 years and have always found the creek water cloudy - must be normal. Spotted some new burned spots along the trail that we don't remember seeing last year - probably lightening caused. Fortunately, the spots were not too large. Would hate to see this area burned over. Cloudless sky, maybe reached 80F (105 or 106 in the valley)tops with nice breeze blowing - very comfortable. Trail is about 1/2 shaded and pleasant. This is a great summer trail with very mild ups and downs.
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