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Alpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking Jun 27 2010
Hiking6.60 Miles 1,315 AEG
Hiking6.60 Miles   4 Hrs      1.65 mph
1,315 ft AEG
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I drove out through Globe, Showlow and Springerville, and I made a loop out of the drive (I drove back via the Coronado Trail (191) to Safford and down to I-10 home. I camped near the trailhead, where I ran into a new friend from Silver City (a former lookout himself!) - he hiked with me for this part of the trip (the Escudilla hike).

The lookout, Dan, is very amiable to visitors. He loves it. He has dog treats for the furry hikers and Otter Pops for the kids. I took a Smokey Bear keychain. The hike was really nice - I'll probably be back to this area again. The trail was definitely an old Jeep trail, though - you could see the double-track for most of the trip.

The one part about the lookout that I couldn't get my head around, since the lookout was on the wilderness area, was that he was feeding the wildlife. More than just the birds, but he had a salt lick out there for the elk and threw dog food out for the squirrels. Does anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

Note: the Terry Flats loop road is iffy that it may be suitable for passenger cars. I didn't drive very far down the road before I turned around.
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There are just two switchbacks left. And another half-mile to the destination...

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