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Carr Peak Loop, AZ
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Carr Peak Loop, AZ 
Carr Peak Loop, AZ
Hiking Jul 11 2010
Hiking12.00 Miles 3,600 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles
3,600 ft AEG
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The camping: It was so wet. We've all been doing a rain dance here in Tucson, and the Huachuca Mountains had it going on. We camped at the Reef Townsite group site, which was amazing for the four of us. We each had 1.5 picnic tables under the huge ramada, which came in handy during the rains. The rains were drenching - not the typical monsoon-type storm where it would be gone in a half hour. But I was fine with the lack of an electricity in the sky. The rains did eventually stop and we had a little fire and managed to stay up until about 11:30.

We had our coffee, ate, packed up our wet camp, and headed to the trailhead - both of them. The hike that Randy had planned required a car shuttle since we hadn't gone and seen the special bird watching spring the night before.

The hike (near as I could remember - I don't have map of the area - I let Randy plan this one): Old Sawmill Spring Trail #126 (the first part was brutal, but worth it) to Carr Peak Trail #107. Trail No. 188 to the Peak and back to Carr Peak Trail 107 to Crest Trail #103 (AZT). We took the Crest Trail past Bear Saddle and then on and on for what seemed like eternity. We finally made it to the Pat Scott Trail to Comfort Springs Trail and back to the Ramsey Vista campground. Again, I could be wrong - I was hoping that Randy or Liz would post a triplog so I could get it right... (Edit: See Randy's triplog at ... 52916&ZTN= for a better description).

The weather was wonderful. Yes, it was a little wet, and at the end, we all were alot wet. No lightning, so it was a success. There were times that we were walking into the fog and mist and it was absolutely beautiful. It was exactly what this Tucsonan needed to celebrate her birthday.

As always, it was good to hike with Randy and Joel, and it was very nice to meet Liz - a new friend.
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There are just two switchbacks left. And another half-mile to the destination...

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