Silver Peak Trail #280
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Silver Peak Trail #280, AZ
2010-07-239 by
Tucson, AZ
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Well, I told someone who has more than a little importance to this site I'd log my hikes from the weekend, so here I am. Headed down to the Chiris for a weekend in Apache land. Made it down to Cave Creek and immediately headed to the Silver Peak TH. I got on the trail around 2ish and only hiked a couple hours. Number one goal was to get some solid campsite time in and reread old Apache stories. It sounds like the nicest part of the trail is the peak, so I'll do this one completely another time. What I did hike was comfortable, fairly open, and offered some nice views down the canyon. Trail was in solid shape for the first few miles at least. Felt good to just loosen up the legs after the drive. Not much by way of wildlife, some songbirds bopping about and a bunch of desert grassland whiptails. A nice start.

I came back to the TH for a night hike, but didn't stick to the trail. I'll log here as this was the nearest TH. Always nice, to me at least, hiking at night with a whole new cast of animals. There was a whip-poor-will in the area and an owl. One striped skunk as well. Overall, good first day and night. Wonderful to be back in the Chiricahuas. The log continues at the South Fork.

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