Little LO Spring Canyon
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Little LO Spring Canyon, AZ
2010-08-2246 by
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Flagstaff, AZ
Canyoneering6.00 Miles   5 Hrs       1.20 mph
1,600 ft AEG   
No Routes
2B or not 2B? That is the question... :lol: The canyon was lightly flowing, the keepers were plenty full so we slid down the chutes, and the tricky down climbs had pools below them to drop into so we ended up not even doing a single rappel. :y: The canyon was actually more enjoyable since we didn't get slowed up with anchors and rope work and ended up just taking my rope for a walk until we did the sidetrip down Babe's Hole Spring canyon. ;) But I'd bring a 100ft rope just in case the keepers & pools below all the down climbs & chutes aren't full...

From the TH, we trekked NE to drop into the eastern fork of Little LO canyon. That canyon started off kinna pleasant in its upper reaches but it quickly turned into another rock hopping, bushwhacking, downed tree bypassing canyon. :sweat: After 1.5 hours of tediously descending that side canyon we finally reach the confluence with the main canyon and know that the real fun is about to begin. At the confluence, we took a snack break while admiring a flowing chute down below & gear up for the potential keeper not too far off. Little LO canyon starts off as a wide, brush-free, rock hopping, dry canyon with a few avoidable pools with a down climb above one of them but it soon narrows up with a slippery chute down to a large pool. Sweet! The canyons lightly flowing so most likely the potential keeper is full. My buddy slides down the 40ft chute to examine the keeper while I stay up with the rope next to the anchors in case I need to setup the rope for a retreat if we can't get out of the keeper. But he calls up that the pool is full to the brim as well is the next pool in the next chamber with another slide on the other side. Woohoo, wait for me! :y: I slide down that long chute, wearing a couple holes in the bottom of my pack, swim across to the other side, get out and hop into the next large pool, and then examine the next slippery chute before sliding down into yet another swimmer. Sweet, I don't think canyoneering gets much better than this! :D Soon afterwards the canyon opens back up with some more rock hopping for a bit before and some pools to wade before narrowing back up some and throwing the first tricky chockstone down climb at us. There's chest-high below it so we could have slipped off and still probably been fine, but we gracefully lowered ourselves over the boulder and swam our way to the other side of the pool. This was followed by another small chute that drops into a deep pool followed by another tricky down climb into a another swimmer. This sweet section of canyon stays fairly narrow as we traverse over slickrock, around boulders, and thru many pools of various depth until we unfortunately neared the confluence with Sycamore Canyon. We took a lunch break down there in the sun before hopping on the trail near Geronimo springs and making the steep climb up the trail to Babe's Hole Spring. We took a sidetrip down that canyon where we finally got to use the rope before hiking back up to those springs again and making the final sweaty climb back to the Kelsey Springs TH. :sweat: Wow, what a sweet canyon & fun narrows to play in though its too bad its such a long drive to get up here and an unpleasant hike down to the good stuff. :roll:
Yea, canyoneering is an extreme sport... EXTREMELY dramatic!!! =p
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