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Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking Sep 05 2010
Hiking10.00 Miles 650 AEG
Hiking10.00 Miles
650 ft AEG
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Decided to hit the Widforss Trail on my first full day at the North Rim. The hike started off with a slight elevation gain as you work your way to the rim edge. From there you hike along the canyon with magnificent views. I really liked the numbered post along the way. I grabbed the info guide at the start of the hike and read as I went.

At roughly 3 miles in the trail turns away from the rim and you hike in the forest. Beautiful foilage as you work your way through. Eventually you come to a sign for Widforss Point. The trail is listed as 5 miles one way but it really felt like 4 at most. I enjoyed the views at the point and turned around and made the hike out. Returning was much quicker and the views are amazing taking in for a second time!

The Widforss Trail is perfect for families and hikers with less experience. It was very easy going and hiking along the rim was perfect! And the trail was not crowded at all. I estimate on seeing roughly two dozen people. That's not much for a holiday weekend.

Warning: heat kills!
Avoid 8am to 6pm over 90 degrees. Prehydrate & stay hydrated.
Avoid Heat Illness - do NOT hike when temps exceed 100 degrees, period.
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