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Guardsman Pass & More, UT
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Guardsman Pass & More, UT 
Guardsman Pass & More, UT
Hiking Sep 21 2010
Hiking4.10 Miles 2,500 AEG
Hiking4.10 Miles
2,500 ft AEG
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On Tuesday, September 21, 2010 I drove from Park City (where I was staying) to Guardsman Pass. The trailhead at the Pass accesses trails on both the North and South sides. This trailhead is very popular mainly with mountain bikers and is very active 7 days a week and even at night. I passed it at 7:00 PM one evening and saw a group of bikers just going in equipped with head lights.

On this day I did two small hikes on what I call the Guardsman hike and drive. The first hike was 1.8 miles on the trails going north from Guardsman Pass. There are some spectacular views from the top of the mountain there including some of a Ski Patrol shack, a chair lift that appears only there to get Ski Patrol to the top of the mountain when it is snowed in and a catwalk that goes from the shack to a viewpoint looking to the west side of the mountain. An interesting setup.

I then drove down Pine Canyon which overlooks the small town of Midway, Utah with some stops along the way including a 2.3 mile hike on a 4WD dirt road. Pine Canyon was full of fall reds on this day and that is what captured my interest. The 2.3 mile hike was intended to get up close and personal with the fall reds along the way. The pictures tell the rest of that story.
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