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Salt Trail Canyon to LCR Gorge
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Northeast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Backpack Oct 15 2010
Backpack10.00 Miles 3,187 AEG
Backpack10.00 Miles3 Days         
3,187 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I learned many things on this trip. I underestimated the trip in, overestimated the pack weight I could comfortably bring with me as well as the water I would need. This was illustrated best by the 5.5 hrs. in going down and the 4hrs out going up. My legs were shot a third of the way in while Bob and Joe made both directions look like a picnic even with the Flextrek inspired pack Joe was sporting. :worthy: :wlift:
Hindsight is 20/20 and further kicked me as the Chubbtaggers offered me use of the grill and said we feel comfortable offering you guys up to 6 gallons of water if needed. Now they just as likely could have not been there, but we did see their trucks up top and I was :bdh: about only stashing 4 liters while carrying 12 down. :wlift:
We all made it down safely and set up camp.
They weren't worth the weight, but I did enjoy Dark and Stormy's while grilling home made pizza which made a good breakfast as well. :D I also learned that we would be able to leave the garbage with the Chubbtaggers who continually warned those of us barefoot about the numerous scorpions in the area. I realized at this time that I brought the tarp I would be using to sleep under that doesn't set up w/out the tent. I wondered how many animals would visit at night?
The float down the river was exciting and cold. Only one of the two tubes was inflatable on my dry rotted mesh floaty. $2.00 pink fish was not able to support my weight so I took a different approach from the others. I inflated my dry bag tied it to the non inflatable end and hugged the fish ring. I remained bouyant, but my head and feet were the only things out of the water and I got cold much earlier than the others. I opted to run more rapids since my floats were protected above me. It was cold I got beat up and although it looked 8) I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, I, like the others would suggest avoiding this area at all costs. Even the rocks down here have thorns. After escaping the poisonous mud, sunning myself, and sewing Joe's head back on his body. We watched him retrieve his float (really entertaining)!
After hiking back through weeds, branches, mud,and sharp pokey plants we made it to camp. I headed upstream to see the waterfall. Others went up stream to document the canyon and travertine rapids. I bouldered up to get views from above and found the waterfall after much searching. On the way back, while crossing the stream draining into the LCR I stepped into quicksand sinking waist deep instantly while taking a picture. Camera case went in camera saved. :y: I returned to camp and everyone was napping except Bruce who claimed no sleep the entire trip. :zzz:
The hike out was easier with the more manageable pack weight and the motivation to get out of the dark, dangerous, ugly chasm. This was my first hike into the canyon as well. Don't go there!
Thanks to Bob for the invite and Joe, Bruce, and the chubbtaggers for interesting stories.
It was enjoyable when Dennis finally remembered Joe who a few years earlier spent the night under their camp table while Dave begged his way into sleeping in one of the chubbtaggers tents. ("I'm sooooo cold") :sl: This was almost as funny as his description of the, as Joe put it "ol' ritual". (Very entertaining company)!
Also, Joe demonstrated a very unique, but deadly cairn hunting technique during one of our breaks on the way down. He is without a doubt one of the most humble human beings I know. Deadly :gun:, but humble. Here is the proof.
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