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Gilbert Riparian Preserve
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Gilbert Riparian Preserve, AZ
2010-10-2013 by
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking2.00 Miles   1 Hour   30 Mns    1.33 mph
10 ft AEG   
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The weather was so beautiful I decided to load up the pups and take them for a nice walk at the Riparian Preserve.

It was Pickles' (my foster puppy) first outing in a place like this. Pickles is blind and she did fantastic for being in a new place.

Alot of the lakes were dried up, definitely not as nice as it was in April-May. But it was nice that it wasn't crowded and the overcast was a bonus...but hey, I love overcast!

Not a "hike" but a nice stroll with the dogs!
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