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Sedona 50K Trail Ultra, AZ
2010-11-0612 by
Sedona 50K Trail Ultra, AZ  
Run/Jog32.04 Miles   5 Hrs   17 Mns    6.06 mph
7,436 ft AEG   
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Below is the course around Sedona for the 50K endurance race, and the elevation gain was provided by the race director. This was by far the toughest, yet most scenic trail race I've ever done. Fortunately, I had a friend from Flagstaff running the race that knew the entire route, otherwise I would have been incredibly lost. We exchanged the lead with several other runners as the day went on, somehow he and I managed to come out on top finishing the race together in a true team effort with a tie for first. Wish I could have enjoyed the scenery, except I was a little more concerned with my foot placement on the trails. The weather was perfect, the race was well organized, everything seemed to go as smooth as possible, and everyone was in good spirits despite the challenges the race provided.

Red Rock High School to Herkenham Trail to Old Post Trail, Chavez Ranch Road to Red Rock Crossing, Baldwin Trail to Templeton Trail to HT Trail to Bell Rock Pathway. Little Horse Trail to Chicken Point, Broken Arrow to Marg's Draw to Schnebly Road to Huckaby Trail to Midgley Bridge. Wilson Canyon Trail to Jim Thompson Trail to Jordan Trail to Teacup Trail to Sugarloaf. Thunder Mountain Trail to Andante Trail to Dry Creek Road. Girdner Trail to Cultural Center and back to High School.
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