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Mazatzal Divide - AZT #23
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Payson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking Nov 12 2010
Hiking25.43 Miles 6,430 AEG
Hiking25.43 Miles   9 Hrs   55 Mns   2.56 mph
6,430 ft AEG
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Barnhardt Trail #43
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I finally finished the Mazatal Divide trail. I took the Barnhardt trail to the Mazatal Divide and headed north to a third of a mile past the Hopi Spring. There been trail maintenance all the way to the Hopi spring. There wasn't any fallen tree on the trail. This changed at the Hopi spring. There is some series deadfall and over growth north of the Hopi spring. In fact there is no evidence of the Rock Creek trail intersection here. Thank you to the person who put up the red and yellow flags on the trees. That made it so much easier to navigate through this area. I had the route in my GPS, but it's not practical to stare at the GPS every three feet. I made it to the point where I stopped last week and turned around. On the way back I found the intersection for the Horse Camp Seep. A post (without a sign) has been put up with a red flag at N34 06.752 W111 29.480. There a freshly maintained trail that takes you down to Horse Camp Seep and the North Fork Deadman Creek. I had lunch on the dry creek. As I was eating lunch, I noticed that I was sitting in someone's version of the Matzatal CircleStone (See photos).

This is one cool area. I'm not sure which Mazatal Divide area I like better: the Park of the North Fork DeadmanCreek/Horse Camp Seep.

I headed back and stopped at the Brody Trail #264 intersection. I checked out the GPS and noticed that it was supposed to go back the Divide in three miles. I figured I would check it out. The trail was well defined to the Chilson Camp. At the camp the trail faded. I was not surprised. After some investigation, I found the Davenport trail #89. Of course there was no intersection post or sign. The trail looked like it saw little use. I was able to follow it by keeping a very close lookout for the cairns. There are cairns, but the overgrowth obscures them. I saw that the trail was dropping fast, and the temps were starting to drop as well. I decided to head back before this desert boy got too cold at 5500~6000 feet. I wasn't paying close enough attention on the way back and got off trail. I looked at the GPS and noticed I was closer (bushbuck) to the Matazal divide that the actual trail. I took the Bushwack and headed back to the TH. I got the TH sooner than expected so I hiked an extra mile or so down the Half Moon trail.

The temps very cold in the morning and I started to feel slightly warm around 1:30. I'll be back in the spring to check out the Davenport Trail and see if I can find the Club Cabin.
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