Devil's Chasm
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Devil's Chasm, AZ
2010-11-0714 by
Globe, AZ
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this was my 3rd time to devils chasm , 4th if you count hiking out moody point to take pictures of the dwelling (technically its still devils chasm) anyway we had a big group this time. Greg,Keith,Joel,Jennifer and John (not to be confused with me). several first timers. We were quite a mixed bag of age and sizes, not to mention Greg who might have eaten the wrong thing the night before at Guayos and myself with a half healed sprained ankle.We spent a cold night camping saturday night and set out sunday morn. All of the virgins said afterward that the hike was a lot harder than I described but the destination was worth it. I swear I don't remember it being that hard, I guess its a self preservation thing. After our previous hike to moody point and spotting the outer ruins, I decided to make a beeline to see it. I took the usual route to the main ruin and skirted the hillside from there. like the lower ruins below the main ruin. they were pretty run down, but not as much as the lower ruins. at least there were still some standing walls as well as doorways,matate, and corn cobs. I have included some pictures since there is virtually no pictures of these ruins on this HAZ. I visited the main ruin and caught a picture from a little different angle than usual and then headed down canyon. Greg and I headed from the parking area and the last thing I expected to see was a rattle snake this late in the year. all the black tailed rattlesnakes we have encountered out there have been very lethargic even in the summer. as we approached it he reared back and looked like he was going to strike the truck as we drove by. Of course we had to stop and get him to pose for a photo. this was the first time we made it all the way to paved road while it was still light. I love the Cherry Creek area and I'm sure We'll go back again. Also just a observation I have never seen anyone trying to describe how many rooms were in all the ruins up devils chasm. not that I'm qualified but counting the upper/lower and outer ruins I would estimate close to 20 rooms total were built up there
Named placeCherry CreekDevils Chasm
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