Ragged Top
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Ragged Top, AZ
2010-11-287 by
Tucson, AZ
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A good omen for a good day: I found Hawaiian music on KXCI while driving to pick up Maggie and Jimmie. The music brought me back to my many days on Maui.

We drove across the desert west of the freeway, admiring the saguaro, watching a hawk, enjoying the sunrise. From the trailhead it's a simple matter of cross-country travel through cholla country, up to the saddle just to the south (left) of Ragged Top. At the saddle we looked to our right and, sure enough, a moderate gully headed straight up into the mountain.

We hiked the gully and soon arrived at the top, where you have only three choices: [1] drop down the other side (north) of the gully to return to the desert floor; [2] turn left and climb a tall slot to a summit (oops, sheer vertical); [3] turn right and follow the well-used track upward, finishing through a stretch of third-class lite (fun!).

We signed in to the summit register: "The cholla were relentless . . . Score at halftime: Cholla -- 6; Don, Maggie, Jimmie -- 0". No one comes here in the summer, of course -- no entries between early May and late October.

On the way down the three of us decided to take the north gully for a nice round-trip scramble. We started slippin' and slidin' down the thing -- and it was obvious we weren't the first to do so. No chollas here!

About halfway down the gully, the terrain opens up, so we left the gully and started countouring cross-country to the east. We ambled over four or five minor shoulders and gullies until we finally spotted the trailhead. A few cold beers brought the scramble to a fine conclusion.

2 hours up, 1-1/2 hours on top, 1-1/2 hours down.
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