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Flat Top Mtn & Wild Irishman Mine, CO
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Flat Top Mtn & Wild Irishman Mine, CO 
Flat Top Mtn & Wild Irishman Mine, CO
Hiking Jul 20 1988
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Found a couple old pictures and wanted to post them here to document some of my first times hiking. I think it's super awesome that my parents wanted to show us Colorado, and hiking, and everything it had to offer. I'm ever grateful to them for introducing me to a pasttime I enjoy more than anything. Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad!

I just picked a random date, as I'm not sure when these were actually hiked. We had a tradition of going up Flat Top Mountain in Estes Park every year or two, and hiding a quarter up top under a rock. We'd take a picture of the rock and then the next time we'd go back, we'd try to find it again. Not sure how many times we ended up doing that one over the years, but it was really fun getting up there and playing in the snow and trying to find that quarter each time.

We only ended up hiking all the way to the Wild Irishman Mine once. The second time wore us out too much. But the ghost town of Sts John is neat to explore. Another thing my parents turned me on to -- ghost towns and pioneer industry! Very interesting stuff.

No, I've never lived in Colorado. But it is the reason I live in Arizona today. Love the mountains and hiking; just don't really like the snow much. ;) Thanks again, parents. You're the best.

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