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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Dec 20 2010
Hiking4.54 Miles 1 AEG
Hiking4.54 Miles   3 Hrs      1.51 mph
1 ft AEG
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Return to Lost Dutchman State Park

On November 17th, I recorded a triplog for a Geocaching/hiking journey along the Lost Dutchman State Park Loop. That day, I had planned on visiting several geocaches that had been placed in the foothills around the State Park. At the end of my circle route, I found that I had missed one of the caches but decided to save that one for another day.

Well today was the day to hike out, claim that cache and sign the log and I needed to work off a too-much-to-eat Saturday night Christmas party. It was a cool start to the day with a fair amount of cloud cover and because of the day, there weren't many people out on the trails. It looked like a so-so kind of a day, but I took my camera along anyway (something might come up).

I stuck to the hiking trails and soon found my cache hiding under a bush, right where the GPS said it should be. After signing the log and re-hiding the cache container, I thought it was too early to be heading back, so I had a quick talk with myself and decided to continue on to the base of the mountain.

As we all know, there's a strange beckoning to the Superstition Mountains that lures us on. A strange force that pulls us in deeper to investigate the history of the mountain, and so I got sucked in and continued my hike. As I approached the base of the mountain I made a turn to my left (now heading North) towards some tall rock spires that held the mystique guiding me further off the main trail system.

Then I could hear voices. It took me a while to locate the individuals, because they were on the backside of one of the spires. As I approached the source of the voices, I found two guys all rigged in climbing gear and in the process of ascending the rock (see, now I know why I felt the urge to bring my camera along).

I conversed with the guy on the ground and found out that this rock is called the "Tower" and climbers fairly frequently visit it. It's the first time I witnessed a climb and it gave me time to catch my breath and take some photos. The GPS said I was at a 3,100 foot level and there wasn't much level land against the face of the mountain but everywhere I looked there was something to catch my eye and hold my fascination. I just love it.

It was from this point that I began my descent but along a track that would allow me to continue shooting (photographically speaking) the guys on the face of the Tower. It turned out to be a truly interesting morning and I think I burned up the calories that I consumed on Saturday night. My GPS confirmed that I had covered 4.54 miles in almost 3 hours.

Thanks to the guys making the climb and I Gotta make that trip again.
On every trip into the Superstitions, I find another Gold Mine. Today the mine was filled with Memories. I can not wait for the next trip.

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