Rock House Trail
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Rock House Trail, AZ
2010-12-2820 by
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Phoenix, AZ
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After our hike to The Mask in the Bulldog OHV Area yesterday, it got me thinking about doing more driving/hiking there. It had been a few years since I had driven in from the Apache Junction end, so again with a limited amount of time we looked for something of interest not too far in. On the map we saw "Rock House" and wondered what it was. So without any prior knowledge of it we decided that would be our destination for the day.

So, with my Bulldog OHV permit still good to the end of the year, we headed over into AJ and wound our way to the Cactus/McDowell gate. Again, this was with no prior knowledge about coming in from the Hackamore gate. But, no matter, we planned on driving as far as my CR-V would go without any undue risk, then hike from there. I drove farther in than ever before with my CR-V. But when we came to a section that looked worse than the rocky climb we had just cleared where one wheel or another was in the air :o and the AWD kicked in to keep us moving, we figured it was time to hoof it. So I backed as far off into the brush as I could to allow other vehicles to pass, we headed toward our destination.

It was another beautiful day, although the air looked very hazy. It didn't seem like dust or humidity yet the air was not as clear as I hoped for photos. But, in the end we got some very unique photos because of just that condition.

The Rock House turned out to be nothing like we expected. I guess we had our hopes up too high... we expected a "house" and got three almost haphazardly stacked low rock walls. Ok, a few photos and we continued on to the east (in the direction of the original HAZ description trail head) until we came upon a great viewpoint of Four Peaks, Weaver's Needle and the NW edge of the Superstitions. Took a number of photos and set out for the car. On the return we did some off-road wandering, hoping to find something different. A few large cat tracks and plenty of Corona bottles, some Keystone Light cans and of course the usual Bud Light cans. Even a Bud Light bottle this trip. More ammo for my upcoming Bud Light "wall of shame" web page. :gun:

Back to the car we took a quick drive in the direction toward where we hiked yesterday before turning around and heading for home. Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget driving by the smoldering heap of trash someone had left either the night before or early this morning. It looked like they backed up their pickup, slid all the trash out, set it alight and hauled out of there. :x
By time we saw it, the box spring was just a metal skeleton. Enough to make one wonder how some human beings can hate nature so much. :cry:
No point in heading down that road... :bdh:

Whether we saw much of a Rock House or not, and whether we saw the detritus of sub-humans or not, it was a great day to be alive and outdoors!!

I posted the best photos here on HAZ and the full set on my own web site:
... aka the CherokeeKid
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