Red Rock Escarpment
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Red Rock Escarpment, NV
2011-01-1525 by
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Vegas, NV
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Calico Basin
It was decided that for my birthday, an adventure weekend must be had. We didn't want to go "just anywhere," so decided that since a lot of people had a 3-day weekend for MLK day, Red Rocks would be the perfect place to celebrate. And since Vegas camping is so lousy, we thought it would be best to class it up a bit by staying at the cheapest hotels we could find. Much warmer, quieter (well, sometimes), and comfier than sleeping at the campsites under wind and constant jet noise.

Day 1: We woke up "early" and had breakfast at the Pancake House. Yum! Then headed to Red Rocks. Figured it was going to be crowded due to no fee weekend, but were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't so bad. I got to start using my brand new Grigri right away, and belayed JB up a route (Chrome Dome, 5.9 - ???), then went up it myself. This route was on the far left of Hunter S Thompson Dome, up a chimney and on a steep ledge. Didn't much like the area, so probably didn't enjoy the climb as much as I could have. Then we went down to HST Dome and did some routes there. I have a new favorite! Squire, a nice 5.10c which I haven't sent clean yet. It's good, but the crux is an extremely awkward roof, especially for those with long legs. Ran up that one twice and can't wait for the next time I get to try it.

Day 2: After staying the night at a hotel with interesting nighttime ambiance (an extremely inebriated woman yelling "HEY YOU!" to any person within eyesight, though not necessarily within earshot), we went back to the Second Pullout and spent our time at Stone Wall. I TR'ed Roto Hammer, 5.10c -- LOVED it! Not as much as Squire, but still lots of fun! Hung around on Haunted Hooks, 5.10d, after that. Didn't like it so much, but that one is now Janelle's all-time favorite outdoor route. After a full day, we grabbed some pizza at our favorite spot (and I ended up with free 'sketti!), then checked in at Hooter's, intending to peruse the hot tub and have some drinks and maybe waste some money. I ended up having a couple beers and retiring early...... guess that's just where this part of the story's gonna have to end though. ;)

Day 3: Everyone was exhausted and not really feelin' it, but we eventually got it all together and met some others out at Cannibal Crag. Note to self: Hostess Orange Cupcakes and unrefrigerated spaghetti leftovers do not make good breakfast food. Ugh. After I got over the initial insult from "breakfast," I got on A Man In Every Pot (5.8+). I did this one back in October and fell all over it, the day after my multipitch fiasco. This time around, I got it with no problems. Decided one route was enough, however, and ended up taking lots of pictures of Patrick 'projecting' and then redpointing New Wave Hookers (5.12c).

Perfect way to spend a birthday weekend. :y:
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