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Cave Creek #4 to Spur Cross TH
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Jan 22 2011
Hiking25.29 Miles 4,775 AEG
Hiking25.29 Miles   10 Hrs      2.53 mph
4,775 ft AEG
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I had one trail left to hike in the Seven Springs area, the Quen Sabe trail. I parked at the Seven Springs TH at 8:15. I had the place to myself and then there was load rumble, a jamboree of 12~15 Jeeps came pilling into the TH area. I soon found out that they were stopping for a bathroom break. They were heading down the road to go rock hunting.

I headed down the cave creek trail. I then headed down the Cottonwood trail. Somehow I got off trail and bushwhacked to the junction of the Cottonwood/Skunk Tank. I then took the Skunk Tank to the Quen Sabe trail. Then I took the Quen Sabe to the Skull Mesa and went up and over the mesa. No Not's cairns helped to keep me on the trail. (I forgot to download the Skull Mesa trail into my GPS). As I approached the Cottonwood trail, by chance saw a petroglyph. I took the cottonwood to West to the Cave Creek trail. I had a nice lunch and started heading down the Cave Creek trail to the TH.

Right by the start of the trail, I saw an old road (now a horse trail). I headed down it a bit and it has some nice views of the Cave Creek. There was some old mining processing area down by the creek and a very well defined road heading east from it. My GPS showed this old old/horse trail went down by the creek and eventually meet back with the Cave Creek trail. I was very tempted to explore this new trail, but I didn't have much extra time to spare in case it didn't pan out. I headed back to the Cave Creek trail. As I headed down the trail, I keep an eye on my GPS to see where (or if) the alternate connected. Well, I never saw it. I went past where it should have been and there was nothing well defined. I did see a cairn right where the alternate should have been. Then 5 feet towards the creek, I saw another cairn. There was a very faint game trail. I saw another cairn, and then it all disappeared. If I had more time, I could have followed it down and maybe found a trail. Maybe next time I'll start at the Spur Cross TH and explore this area.

I got back to my Jeep just as it got dark. Another great hike! I hiked on every trail in the Cave Creek area.
"Everywhere is walking distance...If you have the time"
-Stephen Wright

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