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Snowy Sedona, AZ
2011-02-245 by
Snowy Sedona, AZ  
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With last weeks cold storm system moving in, Jon and I decided to head up to the high country for some snow.

Saturday: Departed around noon, destination- Prescott. We were caught in conversation and missed the turnoff for the 69 (not the first time that's happened to me) so we opted for the 169 instead. Right around the 169 exit snow started falling and there was a thin layer sticking to the ground. Exciting! It turned into rain farther down the 169, then back into snow around Prescott Valley. By the time we entered Prescott we were in a full on winter wonderland. Fishtailing, spinning tires, I believe we went through one intersection completely sideways. My parents have a townhouse near Thumb Butte (where they stay much of the summer), which is where we would be crashing that night. We dropped off our stuff, put on some warm clothes, and took off to Watson Lake for some scouting and photography, then dinner at Bill's Pizza (never disappoints).

That evening we met up with Jon's friend Andy who lives in Prescott. Walked the two miles from the townhouse to Whiskey Row and spent most of the night at Coyote Joe's. Can't go wrong with 60 minute, Ranger, Odell IPA and Cutthroat Porter on tap.

On Sunday we had a relaxed start and headed up to Sedona. Debated on where to hike/shoot sunset, but the cloud breaks determined we needed some views for sunset. Cloud breaks= potentially colorful/possibly epic light. Jon had a "secret" spot off Schnebly Hill Rd in his photography rolidex, and boy did it deliver. After witnessing a great sunset we camped in a pulloff off Dry Creek Rd. The night was freezing cold.

The next day we hiked the West Fork. Not too far, though, as the sun came out and was ruining the nice filtered light. Hiking farther could have been enjoyable, but capturing a proper shot was more important to us, so we made sure to leave with plenty of time to get to a good spot for sunset.

Late afternoon we left West Fork and went to a waterfall in Bear Wallow Creek. Not the most photogenic waterfall, but a sweet area either way. We hiked back in the dark (Schnebly Hill Rd was closed), made a stop for some Wendy's chili, then cruised home. What a great trip to the high country... Arizona is amazing. :D
"Arizona is the land of contrast... You can go from Minnesota to California in a matter of minutes, then have Mexican food that night." -Jack Dykinga
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