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Pima to Ventana, AZ
2011-03-1613 by
Pima to Ventana, AZ  
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Dropped a car at Ventana and started out at Pima Canyon at 12pm- hiked to the second dam and took a break for it to cool down before the climb to the spring. It was the first couple of days in the high 80's and I am not used to the heat yet. Looked longingly at all the off-trail hikes that can't be done yet because of the bighorn sheep closure. Camped at the spring, but the campsites were a little too close to the spring for my taste. The next day, hiked up to Mt. Kimball and had the summit all to myself for two hours while I took in one of the best views in all the Catalinas. After lunch, I hiked over to Ventana Canyon on the Finger Rock Trail. Great views of the backside of the Finger and Guard. Someone has cairned the pumpkin out of the Finger Rock Trail, so much so that it was kind of annoying. Gorgeous piece of trail with great views. Reached the Ventana/Esperero junction and it was still early so I decided to take a siesta where the trail crosses the creek to let it cool down a bit. There was a nice pool at the last crossing before it climbs up the hill to the junction. Ventana is one gorgeous canyon! After the pools, at the bottom of the switchbacks met a couple, the only people I'd seen all day who thought they were almost to the pools. Good thing I told them to turn around, as it took them until almost the last light to hike back from where they were. Combined with my trip from two weeks ago, I have gotten to see the whole front-range ridgeline from Pima to Sabino. Incredible stuff so close to town- I feel so lucky. I am training for a Grand Canyon trip and was thinking about all those people who live in the flatlands who have to train for the canyon by walking up stairwells or bleachers with a loaded pack. :yuck:

Pima Spring Dripping
Good pool in the concrete-covered area
"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view."
-Edward Abbey
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