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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Mar 28 2011
Hiking3.77 Miles 579 AEG
Hiking3.77 Miles
579 ft AEG
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Great day for the hike to the ruins. Began the hike at the FR38/1076 fork and found that 1076 is almost entirely passable, when dry, by most vehicles. There seems to be only one relatively short section near the "pass" where small boulders must be negotiated by large tires. I wondered if it isn't a more practicable hike for those with 2WD to simply hike the creek from the point where it is crossed by FR203.

The ruins are in reasonably clean condition and I noticed only one place where someone decided we needed to see his/her initials carved into a fallen roof timber. The mid-morning sun had not yet penetrated the canyon, so the colors of the interior "walls" of the dwelling were vibrant.

Saw no one all morning. Abby had no problems from the vegetation and we met up with only one 4 1/2 foot snake (bull snake?)sunning itself on the road home.

How To Put Out a Campfire
A campfire must be extinguished by drowning it with water, stirring with a shovel, and repeating that process until the campfire is cold to the touch. A campfire is still a danger if it has any trace of heat, and must not be left or abandoned. Wildfires can begin by abandoned campfires that rebuild heat on windy days and then blowing embers ignite surrounding grasses and brush.
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