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Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking May 11 2005
Hiking13.00 Miles
Hiking13.00 Miles   10 Hrs      1.30 mph
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I did this trip a year ago in may. We went in for a day hike and for some photo ops. We hiked in approximately 6-7 miles and came out the same way that we went in. We took the buckskin gulch way into the canyon. The area is beautiful, one of the better slot canyons that I have been in in Arizona. The hike is easy going, although it is through sand most of the way. There are no elevation changes and a limited amount of scrambling/rock hopping in a couple of areas we encountered. The most eventful thing that happened was seeing a four foot rattler creeping right beside us along the bottom. We stopped and got some good pictures of him ( see my photo set). Most of the hike is in slots between 4 and about 10 feet wide. There are some points of the hike that are in direct sunlight in opening of the canyon. Early summer would be the best time to do this hike. It could be done as either a day hike or a 2 day. There is a risk of flash floods through the canyon so check the weather. Not only in the immediate area but also north, into southern utah. The flood range is higher than the page area.
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How To Put Out a Campfire
A campfire must be extinguished by drowning it with water, stirring with a shovel, and repeating that process until the campfire is cold to the touch. A campfire is still a danger if it has any trace of heat, and must not be left or abandoned. Wildfires can begin by abandoned campfires that rebuild heat on windy days and then blowing embers ignite surrounding grasses and brush.
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