Cedar Creek Falls Trail
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Cedar Creek Falls Trail, CA
2011-06-1828 by
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San Diego, CA
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A trip down memory lane. Hiked here about 12-13 years ago?? Maybe more. Car camped Fri nite by a large stock pond under a huge oak tree at the ponds edge, about 2 miles from the TH. Lots of frogs, birds etc. Whole trip must've seen 40 rabbits, squirrels. California has had a wet spring and mild temps and flowers were blooming everywhere. Like walking in a flower garden wherever I went.
Early Sat am went to TH and hiked to falls. Beautiful morning with coastal fog lifting and keeping it cool. This is a popular hike and if you like solitude go early. Most of trail is an old road, overgrown, with great views, you will see some houses in the distance from a Ramona subdivision. At the saddle several use trail take off and the old road continues. To get to the falls head toward the notch in the rocks as the wide oak and grassy valley narrows. You will come, with some scrambling, to the top of the falls. Several use trails will get you up and around down to the bottom. Lots more trash here now. Popular with the young cliff jumping crowd. The 90 foot slide fall is beautiful with its large plunge pool in rock and some cottonwoods. I had it to myself, a few other hikers arrived and I left, electing to hike upstream to get to the car park. It was nice and pretty rough once the canyon clamps down. Big boulders, lots of brush, including lots of poison ivy and oak. Some deep pools and small falls. It took a while and as it warmed up I just walked in the water course. Eventually it opened up a little with more slickrock and less vegetation. A road coming down from the Saddleback area where you park appears above you and some easy bushwacking uphill gets you to the road and a short walk back to the car.

From there elected to back track rather than drive the rough road toward Boulder Creek road and Three Sisters Waterfall. Wandered around a bit taking pictures of flowers and exploring a few side roads that weren't labeled "No trespassing".
"We don't care about aesthetics" --forest service representative, re: Oak Fire, Galiuro
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