Reynolds Creek Trail #150
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Reynolds Creek Trail #150, AZ
2005-06-019 by
Globe, AZ
Hiking7.00 Miles1 Day   3 Hrs   30 Mns    
1,375 ft AEG   
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Here's a take on this trail in the Spring, including the pix. Hiked up May 31st, really beautiful, 72 degrees at the trailhead. There was still enough water in the creek to keep it looking good. No bear or other wildlife at all, other than a few horny toads. Some kind of invisible bugs (or maybe space aliens -who knows?) were making strange crackly noises overhead in places .

Drivetime to the trailhead was 2 3/4 hours from Tempe. A lot of 288 heading up into the mountains is washboardy gravel with deep dropoffs and no guardrails, so be careful! As mentioned the turnoff from 288 is pretty rough in places -some of the washes are nothing more than a pile of large rocks instead of road and the creek is crossed at least three times. I measured 3.8 miles on the trip meter rather than 6 to the trailhead though, so that was a relief. There are ample signs to let you know you're at Reynold's Creek, though the first one from Globe points out a road to the left going down, which isn't the one you want -the right turnoff is visible just ahead.

The view coming back down 288 is another of those jaw-dropping experiences people like me moved to AZ to experience, so don't come back too late in the evening and miss it! (It was amazing just seeing all that water back in Lake Roosevelt!) I included a pic of it, plus one of the Datura that grows on the side of the road up there.
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