Lower Morgan City Wash
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Lower Morgan City Wash, AZ
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Phoenix, AZ
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experience it to believe it

It's like being dropped into the Goonies. A maze for sure.

Jessica and I hiked the Road Runner Trail just prior. I thought it was pretty cool. She stayed at the beach to swim and read while I checked out this wash. Starting at high noon in late July it was a typical blistering hot afternoon. A mile down this old jeep trail I was starting to swear off WilliamnWendi and his stories of a "creek" you could dip your hat in.

Moments later I was greeted by huge mesquites. Hallelujah shade! The river gravel to this point had a similar feeling of catching a hot bead of solder between the toes. Once into the thick of it I'd guestimate a third of the time you are hunched over dodging mesquite branches. Then a creek started to form. Well kind of... the ground was damp and it appeared to have been a creek weeks ago.

Next thing I know I dropped through a black hole and into a weird boggy atmosphere only Disney could create. Spider web city. Snakes slithering under my feet and wild animals trampling near, yet unseen. Did I mention the hanging ivy... this place is unreal.

Then the creek appeared with a slight flow. I worked my way to the turnaround at the road. Along the way I passed a waterfall. It's nothing exciting being hidden in cattails but there's a mighty inviting clear pool. It's slippery getting out so be careful.

Turning around I just assumed I was going back through the same fairy tale. Not a chance. Bridges galore, tunnels, a shallow alcove and a doohickey. Yep and this doohickey was straight out of Milton Bradley's Chutes and Ladders. Technically no chute. Three stair steps up to a dead tree. You follow the tree across and down steps on the flip side.

Hiking back through the mesquite tunnels a deer darted out twenty yards ahead. This boy was flying at warp speed. I capped off the hike in the open desert singing America A horse with no name.

...oh yeah it was hot and miserable, I just remembered twelve hours later
Hike Arizona it ROCKS!
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