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Hackberry Creek - Superior, AZ
2011-08-2315 by
Hackberry Creek - Superior, AZ  
Hiking5.70 Miles   2 Hrs   6 Mns    3.14 mph
898 ft AEG      17 Mns Break5 LBS Pack 
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My plan was simply to head out on Forest Road 315 (SE of Superior) for some solo 4-wheeling. At the same time I scouted out future hiking areas for when the weather cools down later in the year... and others will be willing to hike with me. But after a few hours of exhausting all the reasonably drive-able tracks in the area I came to a beautiful spot that begged for some Teva's-on-the-ground scouting.

So I abandoned my vehicle for an anticipated short recon, taking only my camera and a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade. I hadn't gone 1/4 mile and I came upon a large boulder with Dead End painted in large white letters. But since the pack trail I was following seemed to actually be drive-able again, I just had to keep going to see the actual dead end. I never found anything I would call a true dead end, but I did come across another large boulder with a Dead End sign from the other direction, so I guess the point was to discourage further travel rather than an actual dead end. And as usual for me, the farther I went the more I saw something begging a closer look, only to get there and find something else intriguing farther along... enough times it turned out to be almost 6 miles of hiking in 110 degree weather.

But being fully engaged by the beautiful scenery I didn't even notice the temp until I checked the thermometer as I neared my vehicle. No matter, I had a full cooler of refreshing cold Gatorade waiting so with a few minutes for replenishment and I was ready to tackle to the sometimes steep, angled, rocky and rough Forest Road 315 on the way back out. The only tracks I found other than mine the whole trip was of a lone ATV probably from a few days earlier... maybe a hunter scouting out the area as I did encounter a few deer on my hike.

On the hike I set a waypoint along the DRY Hackberry Creek for a future hike up to Apache Leap from the SE later this fall.
... aka the CherokeeKid
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