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Overland Trl to Water Canyon Trl Head, AZ
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Overland Trl to Water Canyon Trl Head, AZ 
Overland Trl to Water Canyon Trl Head, AZ
Hiking Aug 28 2011
AZ Jim
Hiking6.50 Miles
Hiking6.50 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.86 mph
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Well we (my hiking partner beiley and I) intended to hike Mt. Baldy up in the White Mtns., but the County Sheriff Dept. had all of the access points closed looking for a lost hiker - Mr. Frank Carl Patane. Everyone needs to say an extra prayer for this guy and his family as it seems he has been lost a couple of weeks now. Hope they find him ok. The officials wont let anyone up there, because of the scent dogs. Anyway we had to find another trail and it was hard due to all of the closures from the Wallow Fire. We ended up on the Overland Trail that took us to the Water Canyon Trail and then to the Water Canyon Trail Head. Very steep downhill (at one point a 26% grade) with a lot of switchbacks - The grass was very green due to all of the recent rains, but there was also a lot of burn from the fire. Has some good views out to Springerville / Eagar. Started in the pines then drops to the junipers at the bottom. Cool wildflowers, a hawk, some deer and elk on the way to the trailhead. The trail widens to an old converted forest road for a while then back to a trail again. Got to the bottom at Water Canyon the other end of the trailhead under the ramada, then a torrential downpour of rain started and then hail. Bummed a ride back to our car from a nice guy named Dave (a local up there who just happened by) since the trail turned to black chocolate goo from the ash and mud run off as a result of the fire. The trip ended up good, got to hike a new place and see some new things and we ate at Los Dos Molinas in Springerville - YUM!! (watch out for the margaritas, strong !!)
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